About Roberto Nophal




Post producer

I have almost 25 years in the film,
television and advertising

My Story

I studied Communication at the UNIVERSIDAD DEL TEPEYAC with a specialty in Radio and Cinematography at the UNIVERSIDAD DEL CINE AMCI with a specialty in Directing.

I started as a cameraman and editor at ¾ and BETACAM machines. I coincided with the development and boom of non-linear systems (DS NITRIS, AVID, FINAL CUT, PREMIERE, DAVINCI), I have certifications in some of them.

I have been nominated for Best Editing with the short film SIN TEMOR, within the Crystal Screen Festival.

I have developed mainly in the post-production area as an operator and area coordinator, working for production companies, advertising agencies and television stations. (PRODUCCIONES GRANDE, INSTITUTO CINEMATOGRÁFICO LUMIERE, CANAL 11, VASALLOVISION, DGTVE, THE WIRE STUDIO, CHAMBER OF DEPUTIES, LIBREPOST)


As a teacher I have taught classes on Editing and post production, Audio Design, Realization (INSTITUTO CINEMATOGRÁFICO LUMIERE and in FES ACATLÁN), of the FINAL CUT software for some groups of workers within TELEVISA.


My hobbies: watching movies, swimming and playing drums.

My work as a filmmaker has been mainly for television stations and producers, directing documentary and fiction series and on some occasions directing live cameras. (SERIES: MISIÓN ESPACIAL MÉXICO, IBERO-AMERICAN NEWS, AQUÍ SE RESPIRA EL MIEDO, LANZAMIENTO 750)


As a director I have 3 short films: SOLO ME QUEDABA SOLA, SIN TEMOR and LA PINTADA. They have had nominations within the Festivals of Guanajuato, San Francisco, California, in addition to the audience award at the Quick flick Festival.